Pianist - Composer

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My life, my journey

Since his early childhood, music has been an inspirational element in his education. It was listening to his mother playing a Mozart sonata that Christophe felt the desire to slide his fingers through the splendid black and white keyboard of the Erard piano.

At a very young age, Christophe already plays by ear but his gift wasn't really taken seriously until he reached the age of ten.

After a brilliant journey at the conservatory, he moves to Paris to own his skills on "L´École Normale Supérieure de Musique" where he successfully obtains his honors in piano, chamber music and harmony. Laureate at the Meknès young piano artists international contest in 2001, he performs overseas and also in Paris, where he's invited to play in the renowned "Salle Gaveau" in 2003 invited by a young musicians association. He also lends his talent to private selected events.

The pianist and composer Christophe Diès
Christophe Diès

In 2005, RFO radio's "Coté pile, Cotê face" segment dedicates a broadcast to Christophe where he performs works by Debussy, Listz, Chopin and shares his passion for perfumes. Actually, alongside his music, he undertakes studies as a perfumer in a distinguished school on the outskirts of Paris and works with the top luxury houses.

Drawn by improvisation, he divises an event in Paris on October 2007 with a piano piece titled "Hommage à Satie".

His encounter with pianist Danielle Laval set off his desire to share choices and musical emotions during his concerts and his teaching, which he was able to convey for several months on Pleyel Pianos show-room in Paris.

Since, he has created the piano recital "Letter to a friend" about the relation between Cocteau and Jean Marais, with Frédéric Peyrat reciting.

The year 2012 is marked by the release of his debut album, VISION "Portrait musical", revolving around the works of Satie, Listz, Chopin and his own compositions.