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VISION "Portrait musical"

The album is this young pianist's portrait, tracing his course throught the beautiful pages of his repertoire. With this first opus, Christophe Diès shows us his "vision" of music.

This album consists of the most beautiful piano melodies by Chopin, Listz and Satie. Throughout his program, he plays with the ambivalence of the word "vision" and offers us his conception of the different pieces that oscillate between pleasantness and tenderness for some and splendor and virtuosity for others. He also honours them with two original compositions: "Hommage à Satie" and the valse-tarentelle "Vision" composed "specially" to close the curtain on this voyage...

The pianist Christophe Diès sitting at the piano.
Christophe Dies

KissKissBankBank project

A remarkable success

A true success, one of the first projects in the world of classical music to be entirely financed by the internauts (at 108%) in 38 days! Therefore creating a privileged and unusual bond with his public and revealing a real infatuation for this young artist who merges the rigorous classic tradition with the ability to bring something unique to the music world.

Early 2012, in order to thank is contributors, he organises a "concert" gathering a multicultural audience showing once again that music brings people together.